Reviewing the Organo Gold Coffee Scam You Almost Fell For

Hello and welcome to the OFranken Factor, where we deliver honest and reliable company scam reviews of 2014.  To start this site off right, I will be going over one of the biggest controversies this last year alone.  So if you were part of an mlm company this last year that happened to lead with a coffee product, chances are you might get a little upset over the course of the next few minutes.  And if you’re smart, you’ve probably already guessed it.  Today I will be reviewing the organo gold coffee scam that you almost fell for.

So to start, this company is a well known network marketing company that focuses primarily on selling coffee.  Their reps are generally hyped up creating amateur videos on the company like the one below.

Some people CAN see success using strategies like this, but the majority of reps out there just aren’t going to be able to make it happen for them or their business.  You see, people are told only a fraction of what they need to be doing.  In this guys case, he was told to make videos and post it on youtube, but only got half of it right.  You see, he made a video about “Organo Gold Scam”, off to the right track.  But then he dropped the ball when promoting the video.  He was not able to get the amount of video views that he needed to see success with his video advertising campaign.

And this happens all the time across the board for Organo Gold Coffee reps.

And thats why they call Organo Gold a scam!

Because people are told they will be helped, they get hyped up and do what the leaders instruct them to do, and then guess what!  The people at the top have already made the commision, and poof they are no longer available to help as they appeared the first few times around.

I have seen it happen over and over again.  And it makes me SICK.

Reviewing the organo gold coffee most think is a scamAnd to be honest, I was about to give up on opportunities like the supposed Organo Gold Coffee Scam,  but then I started to review every ones situation a bit more.  Turns out, that most people in fact DO have access to all the training that one needs to see success.  People are usually failing because they are lazy or think they can make loads of money with little to no effort.  So of course, you get what you put into it.  That’s the final conclusion I found after reviewing the Organo Gold Coffee business.  Is it a scam?  No I don’t think it is, but people are sure quick to label it as that so they can justify their failures.  But some stop making excuses and work their butt off and make it to the top.  Which category of people do you fall under?

If you want some serious and REAL training by a guy that personally changed my life, check out Mikes blog at and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

That is, if you want it bad enough and your not the lazy get rich quick type of person.

Until next time, thanks for reading my company scam review!