On Friday, this week’s ‘best of’ The Al Franken Show wraps up with a visit from Joe Conason, columnist for and the NY Observer.  His most recent column in the NY Observer, House Republicans rush to DeLay’s aid, takes the GOP to task for its ethics rule change.  Here’s a clip:

Not every outrage is enacted on C-SPAN, however, because the Republican overseers have enough sense to do their most humiliating business behind closed doors, without recording votes. For instance, no cameras or reporters were present last week when Republicans voted to repeal their own rule requiring any member of their party indicted for a criminal offense to relinquish his or her leadership post.

The only likely victim of the discarded rule is Tom DeLay, the House Majority Leader, who may be the next target of a grand jury sitting in Austin, Tex., which has already indicted three of Mr. DeLay’s closest political associates for campaign-finance offenses. Like so many aspects of life in the Lone Star State, the story behind those indictments also gives off a whiff of the Gilded Age. The DeLay
flunkies are in trouble for allegedly laundering millions in corporate cash through political-action committees that supported Republican candidates for the Texas legislature. The grand jury has also issued indictments against several out-of-state corporations that contributed to the DeLay war chest, with the obvious intent to trade money for favors from him. This scheme’s ultimate goal was a belated and blatant gerrymander of the state’s Congressional districts, ensuring an unassailable majority behind the Republican leadership no matter what
might happen in other states.

Also on the show, Robert Kennedy Jr. – environmentalist, author and Air America Radio talk show host.  And finally, you’ll hear the show’s explosive expose about the possible connection between President Bush … and Satan.  Friday, only on Air America Radio.